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In this collection of photos we can see 123Mike in his latest venture.

Wearing a Bluetooth controlled plug, also equipped with a metal chastity with the metal tube filled with lots of J-Lube to which a rubber suit was added.

Since he loves gas masks, it seemed a shame not to added one so I did.

Muck boots and padded leather mitts along with a collar locked and a pair of heavy-duty handcuffs where the next items added.

Now that he was happy it was time to begin on the rope work.

Once the rope work was completed it was time to play/torment him.  I had lots of fun with the phone app that controlled the plug he was wearing but I really think he had more fun enduring it, or at least by his actions seemed to indicate this.

As always, a great time with 123Mike; Thanks for the great scene.

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