In celebration of the American holiday of July 4th (Independence Day) we decided to bring out the red, white and blue gimp.  Our gimp is played by PupByteUS who has been a fan of this site for a long time and decided to fill out a Dungeon Package request form.  This is the story of the result of that request. 

We see the gimp in the beginning fully wrapped, head and all.  The gimps mouth had been previous filled with a gag.

After sometime the hood had to come off for safety reasons;  good thing for the quick release safety features built into the wrapping of its head.

Once it learned it’s lessons, it earned the right to have read mitts and boots.  The gimp continued to battle with the tight wrappings but went against my advise and kneeled down.  Now that in itself was challenging but it wanted to lay down.  Still not taking my advise it proceed to laydown face down.
It quickly learned that was a mistake as the wrappings get a LOT more restrictive when the body change shape in that position.  Gimp found it’s self unable to move much at this point.  Eventually it would roll on its side (with assisted SIR help).  Next forcing itself up on its knees with arms prompting it upward.

A bit later after watching the gimp struggle I helped it up so the wrappings could be cut off the gimp.

I removed to its waist then gave him the safety scissors.  By the time it reached its knees it began to get feisty so it was punished by applying duct tape around his scrotum and up the crack of the ass.  It would not be allowed to remove it till after it was fully out of the wrappings.  Needless to say it learned it’s lesson and returned back to the proper behavior for a gimp.

I had a great time with PupByteUS.  I think he did to since he has be back since then.  😉



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