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Here is some pictures from my recent adventure.

A Sir in town scheduled a visit with myself.  He ordered me to where a steel chastity, plug, under my semi transparent rubber suit.  To this my orange boots, S-10 gas mask hood was to be added.  The wrist restraints and collar was to be locked as the leash was to be locked as well.  My modified backpack (for breathing fun) and a orange and grey waist harness was also to be added.

I was to cam to him on Skype before he left his hotel once I finished with the last lock.

Sir headed over once he was satisfied with the finished work.

I was to stay worked up and at maximum horny levels till he arrived.

It took him a couple of hours to arrive.

Once arrived, Sir proceeded to tie me firmly down to a chair and worked over my tits as he played with the breathing tube throughout the time.

When it came for him to leave, he untiled me and said he text the location to the keys once he got home.  Little did I know he really meant when he got home, because he texted the location of the keys a day and half later, at which point I was able to get out and cleanup.

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  • Again an amazing scene.
    You look great and Sir did know what you needed.

  • You always seem to have a great time in rubber. I have spent the last few days looking at every one of you blog posts and getting side tracked by following your links to recon of various different gimps and Sirs and have been in rubber most of that time too i look forward to seeing many more posts from you and i like the detailed stories the most.
    rubber regards Joel