In this case file, we get to see how this gimp transformed from it’s human self to a full gimp.  With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, the gimp would have to be well encased to ensure a safe scene.


Once the gimp was well “suited” it was time to move onto the programing.  To help along with this, visual aids (the assistants) are shown for the viewers.  Of course the gimp never saw these till reading this post.

In the programming phase, the gimp would learn how to communicate, how to act, its commands, etc.


To help get the gimp worked up and expose week spots in the wrapping, the gimp had to dance to some music, here is just one of the times it danced, much harder for the gimp to move then it expected.  LOL


In this part of the file, we get to see some of the pictures that where taken by the assistants during the gimps training.

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