On one recent week, one SIR decided to have some fun with this gimp being this gimp had the rest of the week off from work.

It started when it’s new suit was to arrive arrived that week.   The orders where to start a liquid diet ASAP.

On Wednesday, the new suit arrived around 10am.  The suit is a black latex catsuit with lockable shoulder  zips, 0,90 mm thick, zip through lockable 2-wayzip crotch.

Since this SIR was unable to come in person and it could not visit SIR, SIR decided this would be an online CAM session.

First it was to drink two beers and inhale a series of “treats” to prime the gimp so there be no chance for questions to be thought up, then to thoroughly coat the inside of the suit with a heavy dusting of J-lube powder.  Once coated it was time to get into the suit.  Once the suit was free of any air or wrinkles extra, it was time to install the chastity belt.  This included the cock-ring connection, the cage piece, cover piece, and the metal plug that slips on to the rod.   Once SIR was pleased with the tightness of the assembly, it was ordered to inhale several “treats” then lock it on with the two locks that the belt has.  Keys where to be tossed in a lockbox.

Once the belt was locked in place, SIR had it get worked up by doing various exercises and tasks including putting on the knee-high boots and lacing them up as tight as the gimp could get them, in the dungeon space and felt this gimp was sweaty enough, SIR had this gimp add long rubber gloves over very tight gloves, followed by locking leather wrist and ankle restraints, which were also each locked with “treats” taken for each lock; keys also tossed in lockbox.

After SIR had some fun making it squirm heavily for a long bit, SIR had it install earbuds under a S-10 gasmask hood.  After making sure the hood was properly tucked into the neck of the suit, SIR had this gimp put on a wide leather collar and cinch it very tightly and had it lock it on and toss those keys into the lockbox as well.

Before this gimp would have time to think, SIR had this gimp take a ton more inhales of the “treats”.  Just as the effects started to take place, SIR had it set the lockbox for 2 days 20 hours.  Just as the effects really kick in, it heard the box lock.  F*CK’D it was now.

The CAM was to be left on till the SIR said otherwise.

When SIR stepped away from time to time it had to plug the earbuds into the iPhone and on maximum volume and listen to some recordings that SIR made that would program this gimp further into becoming more of a rubber-gimp-slave-object.

Periodically SIR had it do various choose like cleaning the floor, cleaning and shining the many boots in its collection.  We SIR want it to rest, it had to sometimes sit on a chair or sometimes in a cage, sometimes the larger one, sometimes the smaller one.

Once ever few hours it was allowed to remove the hood for airing out and drinking.  The only food it was allowed was a mix of protein shakes and its urine mixed together.  Drinks were only allowed to be beer, once in a while a smart water was allowed for hydration purposes only.  Taking a smart water would have to be countered with many hits of “treats”.   Once the hood would go back on, if it was not as perfectly tucked into the neck of the suit as before, it was punished and then had to correct the issue.

A day and a half into the scene this gimp was challenged with some test of its new programing, if it failed it had to take some “treats” and add more hours to the lockbox.  (In total 3 more hours was added over time).

Once the scene ended, it was allowed to get out by taking off the items in reverse order of how they went on, last item on first item off.

SIR was very pleased and puts out the challenge to other SIR’s if they can top this scene with this gimp?  SIR also says any SIR has the right to give the gimp a approved punishment for any mistakes made in the telling of this scene.  Just contact this gimp.

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