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[dc]O[/dc]riginally started on Blogger back in early February 2010 and moving to my own dot-com in April of 2011 after blogger pulled the site for over a week and no apology from them or reason why they did.  I also wanted to take he site beyond what services Blogger offered at the time.

Now that the site is established in its permanent home and seems to be growing at a healthy rate I can work on more of the features I want to bring to the site.

The approach I take with the site is to have “clean” content that leave just enough room for you the viewer to use your imagination to enhance the articles, videos, pictures, stories, etc. I try to keep the site clean of miscellaneous ad banners and other distracting clutter and minimize it to just supporters and other relevant content.

I hope you enjoy my site and I look forward to seeing you back here again soon.

Thanks for visiting,

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