Dungeon Packages

Select, Customize & Submit!

  1. Select a package.
  2. Click the “Request” button.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Customize to fit your needs.
  5. Submit the form (make sure to use a legit email for RBC to reply).

Request Stats


Include your options and sides desired and any special request.


Please include all available dates for your order. Failure to arrive on agreed dates and times will result a cancellation of your order and a penalty fee may apply.


Accepted forms of payment are good behavior, obedience and lots of fun entertainment.


All arrivals must be fully geared and ready for use. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gimps.

Q: If I submit a request is it set in stone?

A: No, it can be altered to suit the needs of the time. The form is meant to be a guideline for planning a scene. However if it is predetermined to be set in stone then this form acts as a biding contract but only if pre-agreed upon.

Q: Do I need to pay anything?

A: No, read the payment section of this page! No money is ever exchanged.
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