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Just come by this page when a winner and loser has been determined and just click on only ONE tab of your choice below to get a scene to perform with you buddy.  All the below consequences are intended for the advanced losing boy, gimp and/or objects.

Never perform any of these alone and never with anyone you do not fully trust! Always trust your instincts and feel free to alter these to fit within you own safety limits.

Pick only one tab randomly and follow the list.
  • Insert one medium rubber butt plug.
  • Lock a chastity device of winners choice and he gets to do what he wants with the key.
  • Put one 1.2mm thick rubber or latex suit inside entirely coated with extra thick j-lube and then dusted with more powdered j-lube before loser can enter the suit.
  • 30 eye-hole boots laced with yellow lacing and the top lace holes locked with a lock on each boot.
  • leather Posture collar locked on and again winner has the right to do as he see’s fit with the key.
  • Thick industrial rubber gloves fitted over each hand then locked in place with fitted wrist restraints locked in place.
  • All zippers that maybe on the suit must be locked together in such a way that the zippers can not be unzipped.


Duration: No less than 48 hours
Submitted by: RubberBoundCOP
  • Insert one electro butt plug.
  • Lock a chastity device of winners choice and he gets to do what he wants with the key.
  • Put on two thick rubber or latex suits with the first one entirely coated with extra thick j-lube and then dusted with more powdered j-lube on the inside before loser can enter the suit.
  • A pair of thick rubber gloves and rubber toe socks must be put on just after the fist suit is on and before the second suit is added
  • Rubber waist-high wader boots are to be worn.
  • One rubber hood with inflatable tube gag MUST be worn at all times not in public.
  • A wide banded steel collar must be worn at all times not to tight not to lose, (should be able to slide a figure between the neck and collar with ease.
  • Loser must go on a long walk with the winner and loser must be given no less than five tasks to perform. Five additional tasks must be preformed while in public.


Duration: 24 hours
Submitted by: RubberBoundCOP
  • Insert large electric butt plug.  Winner has constant control of the amount and intensity of usage.
  • Fit on a metal chastity cage with built-in sound.
  • Put on two 1.2mm thick, full rubber suits with fitted feet and gloves.
  • Put on a thick rubber hood with only nose and mouth holes.
  • Insert a breathe through gag and secure with a heavy leather head harness and lock on.
  • Fit a sturdy and firm fitting wide metal collar and lock on.
  • Put on competition weight leather jeans and traditional style bike jacket, knee-high leather boots and leather gauntlet gloves, lock all leather on with appropriate accessories.
  • Winner chooses what to do with all keys.
  • Loser must complete three errands using public transport if transport is needed.
  • Loser must take the winner out for a meal.
  • All gear stays on in public apart from the hood, head harness and gag.


Duration 48 hours

(Failure to comply with any outing or errand will double the time to 96 hours and the timer restarts from the time of the infraction.)

Submitted by: Roger 

Looser Compelled to wear: 1; Remote operated E Stim butt plug < small size (actually size is not that important. 2: OX Ball sling sack with built in electrodes 3: Second remote E Stim which connects to electrodes on OX balls Sling sack 4: Heavy rubber straight jacket, very tight fitting with long legs, which renders the looser relatively unable to remove any of his appliances. 5: Lycra tights and cape to give the appearance of vanilla. 6: The looser is given a small backpack which hold the 2 (TWO) remotes 7: Looser is dropped off at a Fetish Bar, to be collected at closing time by SIR 8″ Who knows what might happen??

Submitted by: WMK

Looser 1st Required to put on latex penis pants with penis sheath 2nd Put on total hood with narcosis inside mask in order to breath looser operates a hand pump for air supply hence must keep pumping. 3rd The breathing pump has a second cylinder which is actually a vacuum pump connected to the penis tube in the shorts. Hence an action on the penis very similar to a Venus 2000. Hence the looser is being stoked by his own misfortune. Naturally the Winner controls both the air supply to the hood and the vacuum to the penis tube hence totally controlled by SIR LOL This is not fantasy but reality. Presently have a full working system (not in perfect decoration) but 100% operation. needs to be painted etc. LOL Winner will ROFLAO (Roll on the Floor Laughing His Ass Off)

Submitted By: The Old Pony

Loser is required to wear a metal chastity belt with an opening for a butt plug. Rubber suit should have openings for tit accessibility or front zipper and opening for appropriate butt plug. Hood should have opening for a gag and nostril openings. Suit should have attached foot coverings or rubber socks. After gearing up, the loser should climb onto a counter height bar stool with a butt plug attached to the center. A head harness should be securely strapped and locked over the head. Arms should be restrained behind the back in a leather shoulder to wrist harness (Mr. S Leathers). A length of chain is locked to the ring in the back of the shoulder harness then brought over a beam or ceiling hook with the remaining end of the chain locked to the top of the head harness. Ankles should be locked in leather restraints as close to the bottom of the seat as possible. Tit clamps should be applied and removed as winner desires. Note: make sure tit clamps are non-damaging when left for long periods of time. It might be a wise Idea to keep loser on a floor that won’t be damaged by wetness. Leave the loser in a darkened space and ignore most of the time with occasional adjustments to bondage and tit torture. Duration recommended: 12 hours to 5 days depending on experience.

Submitted By: straghtjacket

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