Slave Unit #44

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This suit was inspired by all those great super hero’s.  The model was inspired by my friend Logan.  I tried to get it as close to him as I could but it is still a work in progress.

The suit uses a solid black base ideally 0.90mm or 1.2mm thick with lime green pattern and accented with black smokey semi transparent latex “window panels”.  These “windows” are on the chest, back and cod piece areas.  The collar also is made of this semi transparent latex.

Working with the inspiration I worked on this suit design to accommodate his build and what I think he and his wife would like. She loves the design and tells me that Logan and I should have identical suits but I think I might alter mine since I am of a slimmer build.

As this is still in the draft stage check back for updates.  If you have any thought and or comments leave them below so I can look them over.


1: Black

Pattern: Bright Yellow-Green

Inlay: Smokey Grey Transparent

Suit Colors


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360° Spin

360° Spin

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