Project “gimp”


Want to control RBC?  Now you can control, programs, etc. RBC by simply reading the below and following the instructions.

If you want to take control of RBC for any set duration, you will need to fill out the form linked below.  SIR to be as detailed as much as possible, the more the detail, the more the SIR will be moved to the top of the list for CONTROL over RBC.

Both parties must agree on terms prior to control.  No money exchanges, it’s about the control and culture not about the currency.


  1. Fill out this request form.
  2. Wait for response.
  3. Take control.
  • SIR may control the gimp in any safe method agreed upon.
  • Control includes what the gimp wears, eats, takes, thinks, etc.
  • Duration of control must be specified in request form.
  • All control items must be while in rubber.
  • Items SIR is requesting that does not appear in RBC inventory or current does not have, SIR must provide.


gimp (ɡɪmp)

1. slang a sexual fetishist who likes to be dominated and who dresses in a leather or rubber body suit with mask, zips, and chains
[unknown origin]

Q: Just what is “Project gimp”?

A: This is a project of the degeneration of RBC to a rubber-gimp-drone.  RBC will have to follow all standing orders, provide photo evidence of tasks and orders preformed, submissions of logs of related actions, etc.

Q: Who can take control?

A: Any SIR or a serious fetish male that will commit to make RBC follow all rules and become a true 100% 24/7 rubber-gimp-drone.

Conversion Process

100% converted is when the gimp willingly throws away the keys to ALL the locks without even giving a single thought when SIR orders the gimp to do so (in person, private or public) and is 100% controlled by a SIR.


Rules must be followed 100% of the time without question.  The gimp will never be ordered to do any of the rules because the gimp will be just expected to be following them.  Any SIR that joins the project can add any additional rules and other standing rules they see fit.

Rule #1

Whenever the gimp is walking anywhere within 10 feet of it’s SIR, the gimp’s hands must be behind its back, one hand placed inside the other (palm to palm).

The gimp must also be behind and to the right of it’s SIR.

Rule #2

Whenever gimp orgasms, it is to be locked in chastity for three full days.  Those increase for each orgasm by the addition of one full day, (ex. If gimp cum’s after this rule is initiated, it will be chaste for three days, after those three days if the gimp orgasm’s again, it will be chaste for four additional days, etc.).  The clock for chastity will only be reset after reaching and serving a sentence of 183 days.

Standing Orders

Standing orders are orders that must be followed 100% of the time, regardless if a SIR gives it any at the time or not.  It must follow the standing orders alongside with any orders given OnDemand.  There are no exceptions to not follow them without prior permission.

Order #1

It’s jeans must never be less than skintight. Punishment can be given for each wrinkle the SIR sees.

Order #2

Rubber must be over body no less then neck down as a minimum coverage., no exceptions

Order #3

All of it’s rubber must never be less than skintight. Punishment can be given for each wrinkle the SIR sees.

Order #4

Gimp must be plugged whenever any rubber wearing any rubber.  Size of the plug is determined by the SIR, if SIR has not specified size for the session or duration then large is assumed.

Order #5

The gimp must be locked in chastity whenever in any gear of any type and for the duration the SIR states no less then the duration of the session.

Order #6

A gimp only ejaculates with permission.

Order #7

Poppers are a privilege; a gimp only gets when in rubber.

Order #8

The gimp shall be wearing some rubber daily (SIR determines how much and what items.)

Order #9

The gimps cock and balls shall be kept shaved.

Order #10

Gimp will always thank SIR every time SIR sends it a pp dose order.  Thanking SIR for melting its mind.

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