Dungeon Services

The following are some dungeon services that either I can offer in a scene or perhaps you can offer in a scene.
These are just a guideline to follow and can be altered in any manner as long as the terms are agreed upon ahead of time.
Never perform any of these alone and never with anyone you do not fully trust!  Always use common sense and never do anything you don’t feel safe doing.


Include any thoughts and/or additional items you wish to have added.


Please include all available dates for your order. Failure to arrive on agreed dates and times will result in an extended punishment of the SIR’s discretion.


Accepted forms of payment are great service, good behavior, obedience and lots of fun entertainment.


Must arrive in no less than SKINTIGHT gear of the SIR’s choice. Must be fully geared up to the SIR’s specifications upon arrival.

Orders & Commands

Both should be established prior to arrival. failure to obey will lead to punishment of the SIR’s choice.


If the SIR is providing the device then he has the right to hold the key for as long as he wishes. If the sub supplies the device it is up to him to decided what to do with the key but if handed over to the SIR then the SIR now has right of the key but only for the service time.


Travel arrangements must be agreed upon well in advance to the service dates.


Have some services you like added to this page or addition items to existing ones? Feel free to contact me with the details.

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