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It must be several thousand bets lost by now so whats one more (dam football team).  Believe it or not I do win some every now and then just not this time.

This bet was with a friend of mine, Kyle.  I had to be geared up and ready by the time he arrived per prior mailed detailed instructions.

The instructions ordered wax ear plugs to fill each ear. Each key used I would have to take the keys to them and add each of them into a Styrofoam cup filled with modeling clay for each set of keys.

The first the to go in was one large rubber plug followed by a locked CB3000.  Now it was time to added the extra thick hot J-lube to the tight rubber catsuit making sure after it was zipped that any air was squished out of it.  I was now ready for the next few steps so following the instructions I grabbed the buckle boots, lacing and buckling each one lacing in a twisted crossing pattern which took a long time on its own. After the pair of boots where completely on a pair of metal shackles was instructed to be installed over the boots.  Ok now time to add the rubber hood with perforated eyes and built-in breather tube inflatable gag but only after coating the inside of it with more of the thick j-lube to the inside of it.  It had to be tucked under the collar of the suit.  A thick wide leather collar with d-rings was to be locked on over it all.  This was followed by locking the zips of the hood and rubber suit to the collar’s d-rings and lock.  A rubber leash was added to complete the collar assembly.  Heavy weight rubber gloves were added over the suits built-in gloves next and locked on with rubber lined metal wrist restraints.  Master locks completed the restraints as well as the gear ensemble.   I was instructed to not clip the wrists together in case an emergency arose.  Once all locks where checked so make sure they where indeed locked I could go about my business until he arrived.

A couple of hours passed as I cleaned up the house and browsed around on the Internet before he drove up to the house and rang the doorbell.  When I got to the door he immediately grabbed the leash and forced me down to my knees and clipping the d-rings on the wrist restraints together behind my back.  Then he closed the door next and quickly reminded me what the breathing tube can be used for making sure I would be fully worked up in just a few minutes after also pumping up the gag a few times.  After all the squirming and the two hours of waiting the zipper along the crack of my ass wedged its way full up to push the plug in as far as it possibly go and held it there firmly.

Kyle let about an hour and half go by before he announced that we where going for a ride.  I thought he was going to let me ride in the front but he popped the trunk open instead.  In I went still hands clipped behind my back, then slamming the trunk closed.  He drove for just about 50 minutes before the road became very bumpy.  Another half hour or so and the car stopped.  A few minutes later and the trunk opened.  He helped me out of the trunk after uncoupling the wrists.  After standing he re-clipped the restraints, pumped the gag up a few more times and gave me a lesson with the breathing tube again to make sure I was fully worked up again.

A little hike was up next after removing the clip to the wrist restraints.  Which lead to back to the car, essentially making a big circle.   I was thankful there was not much of any hills or the shackles would of been more of a problem then they were.  Once back at the car the hood had to be removed.  I was unaware he had a set of the keys.  What a surprise that was.  As soon as the hood was off he took a towel and cleaned of my head and guided me into the front of the car.   Kyle got in the drivers seat and we drove back home and had a good conversation on the way back.

When I was dropped off I went back inside and found all the keys free from the cups and laying on the table with a thank you letter next to them.  I headed up to the shower and removed all the gear and slept very well that night.  Thanks Kyle for the great day.

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