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Widereceiver’s Police Training

The start of this past weekend was also the start of WidereceiverLB’s training to be a bound trooper.

We see him here in the many layers of duct tape (five rolls later) I felt he needed to make his uniform for his training.  He kept dropping the bat so it was necessary to tape the bat to his wrist.

Wandering was getting out of control so ankle restraints where added to help slow him down.  When he did not learn from that it was time to handcuff him and add some chains.  To make it further clear to him more duct tape was used to cover the handcuffs and secure them more to the hanging chain.

When it came time to get out of his uniform he had to chew the tape off the cuffs first then to use his teeth to chew his “mitts” off; only then would he be given the tools to get the rest of his uniform off.  …He failed to accomplish his task so he must return for his punishment before he can continue with his training.

If he fails the next time he will have to drive home like that minus the hardware!

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