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Lost Bet Collected in Cleaning Services

In this latest lost bet it was decided for me to be locked fully in gear, well plugged and locked with a metal chastity. I would have to clean a few rooms as shown in the pictures below. For every mistake made in the cleaning effort would add one more hour to the total time.

Whenever I was not cleaning my wrist cuffs where clipped together.  The hydro-pac on my back kept me well hydrated.

Time locked in: 9.5 hours


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5 Comments. Leave new

  • This how a gimp has to be.
    This is how i want to be.
    Looks so nice, tight and perfect.

  • Your site keeps my fantasy with rubber hotter everyday. Still would love to have a session with you.

  • Of all the sites I have seen over the years, yours most closely resembles my years-long fantasies. I have been fascinated with rubber and bondage since adolescence and am now a healthy 86 year old who wears neck to toe rubber most or all of every day. I am in a 30+ year relationship with a man who does not share my fetish but is tolerant and even encouraging of it. He is 89 and not in as good shape as I am so I feel I must always be present for him. Besides, his every wish is my command. It is possible to be a rubber slave even with a very benign master. He finally acknowledges that he is my master and calls me his “kept man”. At this season, this relationship is the thing for which I am most thankful but your site is another thing.

    Frank Wills aka rbrslv

    • Hello rbrslv,

      It is great to here such comments. It is one of the many reasons I keep this site going. Although I rarely hear from most of my viewers it is always great to hear from them and to know of the enjoyment one gets from sites like this one makes it all worth while. 🙂 (…and believe me it does not come cheap) but if guys like me do not have these sites then people don’t often get exposed to something they might love.


      • Thanks for your response. I did not necessarily expect one. Your mobile gimp and #2 consequence particularly speak to me. If my Master did not need me so much I might try to explore what is possible for me despite my age given my good general condition.