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In The Beginning

A guy I know (123mike) decided he wanted his first play scene with me to be a mummified gimp so he filled out my Custom Package form.  With this in mind the wrapping started with some nice and clingy pallet wrap.

After a small hydration time I started with the duct tape.

The device used in this story should not be replicated with out the complete understanding of it workings; furthermore this device should never be used alone and careful supervision must be conducted 100% of the time it is used.

The Gagging

Once the wrapping was completed it was time to gag him filling his mouth nice and full with the wedge gag.

After the gag was inserted a collar was locked on and a pair of sunglasses to darken his sight.  A rubber cap was added for effect and make sure he stayed warm.

To ensure he could not roam off the collar was attached to the cable going to the hoist.

Rubber restraints where added to his wrist and handcuff style ankle restraints where also added.

The Bubbler

After some torment to get him in the mood and making sure he was getting all sweating inside his mummification the bubbler he had been eyeing up since he arrived was prepped and centered in the room near him.

Green liquid would be the first substance added to help acclimate to the bubbler proportion of the mind eraser device.

The Bubbler Next Step

Almost as if the device was made for the gimp, he took to it like magic.  Seeing this it was time to step up the next step by adding a few things for him to smell that would also achieve the mind erasing part and allow the inner gimp to shine.

In this stage the gimp would learn that a true gimp has no human language just grunts and moans.  He would learn that only three sounds would be his language now; one grunt is “Yes”, two grunts equals “No” and three grunts repeated over and over meant something needed addressing or there is a problem.  Any sign of a human or animal sound would lead to great punishment, the same offense would be even greater punishment for not learning the first few times around.

He would remain standing until he learned to respond only in 100% gimp talk.  This would take him nearly two hours.  I am sure the gimp also realized that one does read the forms that get submitted and he did mention he wanted his wrappings to be tight and thick; that’s what he got.  You could tell he knew just how much by his very restricted movements but also seem to be glowing a little much with happiness and enjoyment.

Now having learned how to speak the gimp was allowed to …somewhat sit down or rather as much as his wrappings would allow.

While sitting the gimp was allowed to collect its thoughts but would get no relief from the device, instead the device was cranked up to make it much more intense then it was already.

The only intermission was a small hydration period where the gimp was allowed to drink but only through the drinking tube of the gas mask.

After another hour or so he was allowed to roam the dungeon for good behavior.   He even at one point was disconnected from the device and allowed to roam somewhat freely.

The Conclusion

After ending up at the mirror and admiring himself for a while it was now time to reconnect him to the device and pickup where we left off.

From this point he was not allowed to stand on his heals he would have to stand on his toes and not let his heals touch the floor.  The gimp did very well meeting this requirement and only got punished twice in this 90 minute endeavor.

Near the end of this lengthy scene the gimp was once again disconnected from the device and allowed to walk about as long as he remembered to not let his heals touch the ground.

A great time and really enjoyed his company and look forward to his return.

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