123 Mike returns for another session with the Mind Eraser.  As 123Mike has become a favorite gimp of mine and a great friend it only seemed fitting to brand him with a bit of RBC gear in this scene.

First and foremost I had to lock a metal chastity and a metal collar on him before wrapping him up.

Now it was time to wrap him in several layers of pallet wrap.  Once that was in place and any weak spots reinforced it was time to get the duct tape going.   For this scene a very thick heavy duty duct tape was in order.  A few coats would make him stiff enough that a snail would beat him in a race.  The wrapping would go from neck to ankle.

He was instructed to put his thumbs tucked inside his fist.  He also was instructed that when they where wrapped he was to expand his fist so not to create a to tight wrapping.

Now it was time to take his sneakers off and wrap his feet with both pallet wrap and more duct tape then we stuffed his feet into my orange and black boots.

Once all weak points in the duct tape wrapping where exposed and fixed it was time to gag him and add a S-10 gas mask hood and a leash to compete his outfit.

After having some play fun with him I took him to the front of the cage and backed him up to it and then connected him up to the “Mind” Eraser device.

A few minutes to let him adjust to it before tying him up to it.  First the ankles, then his waist to the cage.

Once secured to the cage, treats where added to the device to get the gimp happy and horny.

The more he squirmed the more I would cinch the rope work.

The “Mind Eraser” remained hooked up to him for about 30 minutes with careful guidance then removed to allow him to stew in the mummification and bindings.

Eventually he was released from the cage and allowed to try to get off, for he was not allowed out for release till he made a mess in his mummification.

He did eventually achieve his goal but boy it took about 70 more minutes then allowed to rest down after removing the gas mask hood and gag.

It was a great scene and as always 123Mike never disappointed me.  I look forward posting his many visits since this scene and look forward to more amazing visits from this gimp of mine.

The device used in this story should not be replicated with out the complete understanding of it workings; furthermore this device should never be used alone and careful supervision must be conducted 100% of the time it is used.

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